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DAU ELECTRÓNICA DE COLOMBIA LTDA. It is a legally constituted engineering company in 1985. At present, we are located in Bogota, D.C. And is registered in the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá. From here we serve all the cities of the country.

Since then it has been dedicated to the realization of projects in the area of ​​Industrial Automation and specifically to the development of applications using the Technology of the programmable Automata.

Since 1991 DAU ELECTRÓNICA DE COLOMBIA LTDA has developed projects using programmable logic controllers, we have specialized personnel in the development of application software and commissioning of these equipments.

- Industrial Computers
- PLC Programmable Controllers
- PC Panel
- Power Panel
- Motion: Servomotors, Drives
- Servomotors and Drives

- Electronic speed variators
- Process Instrumentation

- Soft electronic starters
- Switching devices: Contactors, relays, motor guards, starters, switches
- Control and signaling devices: push buttons, switches, lamps.

- Inductive, capacitive, photoelectric and ultrasonic proximity switches.
- Position switches (limit switches)
- Automatic transfers
- Distribution transformers.
- Electrical substations.
- Three-phase motors and axial fans.

Dau Electrónica de Colombia Ltda. Is developing all the necessary processes to obtain ISO 9001 Certification. The quality assurance program has as its scope all departments: administration, sales, engineering projects.



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